Friday, November 14, 2014

Night of Blood

There are a handful of classic Warhammer adventures. Night of Blood is one of my all time favorites. It appeared in Apocrypha Now and WD 87. 

I admit that I don't like to run most prewritten publications. It feels a lot like going down a checklist. I already know how many sessions it will take, what will happen when, who will react how etc. I don't feel that invested. More on that topic later. Anyhow, Night of Blood is a good one. We just finished that small gem last week as part of a larger campaign. 

Classic horror! I love adventures that slowly lure the players in. Never been a fan of ‘here are fifty gold coins. Now, go out and bring me the head of...'. No, like a good movie - 'A Simple Plan, or Twin Peaks', comes to my mind - the players go deeper and deeper, slowly realizing the mess they are in. Fantastic. 

Night of Blood sets the stage with classic Warhammer weather - rain. The players try to find a place for the night, find a small roadhouse and... things are not what they seem. The landlord is somehow preoccupied, the establishment is empty and there is blood. The plot unfolds. A creepy little classic.

Have a look.

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