Thursday, November 13, 2014


Scanning through my old White Dwarfs I found an absolute Oldhammer Roleplay gem (WD 87). Back then WD was still subtitled the ‘Roleplaying games monthly'. 
A designers talk about the fundamental decisions behind the what and how of WFRPG. If you are into Oldhammer Roleplay and only want to read one thing - read this article!

So, what's in there? 

The article starts witch the humble beginnings of WFRPG, and how it eventually became the tome we love and know. A large section focuses on the ideas behind the Old World, it's character, inhabitants, technology, and historical influences. As we know some of the authors had a strong academic/history background - and it shows! Specifically interesting are the decisions and strategies on how to separate WFRPG from the mighty D&D. Next the game developers talk about their take on careers, magic and combat. It is interesting to see their focus on the narrative and speed, not heavy rulesets. More investigation, less hack and slash.

Overall a fantastic read, that makes me appreciate once more all the novelties WFRPG brought to the world of roleplaying games. 


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