Monday, November 17, 2014


Welcome readers to our next chapter in the series Lost Races Of The Old World. After the fimir and hobgoblins we are taking a look at Gnomes. Being close in population to halflings, gnomes got introduced as a playable race in Apocrypha Now... basically that was it. No more gnomes.

There was one more encounter with the not-quite-like-dwarves race in With a little help from my friends in WD 104 and the Warhammer Companion. Meet Alphonse 'Ercule de Gascoigne gnome investigator (apparently named after a GW employe) with perfect French accent. A brilliant NPC that captured the essence of gnomes in a far better way than the slightly meager two sides we got from Apocrypha. Apparently Gascoigne became a halfling in a later incarnation of the adventure

Gnomes disappeared quite quickly from the fluff. They were never a strong, distinct race and probably a remnant of the D&D canon. Not sure if they played a role in WFB at all. 

There is enough fluff to draw a rounded picture. Gnomes are sharp-tongued, sarcastic and great practical jokers. Add their antipathy for other races and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. They stick to themselves, love fishing, mechanics and get lost in their utterly complicated customs and traditions. Metro-gnome!

I like them. I never used them so far, though. If ever, I would probably focus on their dark side. Have the players get entangles in their web of customs and rituals. The encounter will most likely end bloody due to their insulting and eventually deadly humor.

Their fluff fits perfectly and allows for enough puns to keep you happy for a long time. Like elves I would be cautious to allow them in a player party, though. 

Do you have any experience with our big nosed friends?


  1. I recently posted about the Gnomes' brief history in WFB and WFRP:

    1. Thanks! Sorry, missed your article. Great stuff.
      Now that I missed Gnovember and Orctober I probably should start prepping for Elfcember and Fimiary.