Monday, November 3, 2014


If there is any book that perfectly captures the feel of oldhammer WFRPG it is Yack Jeovil’s Drachenfels.

Constant Drachenfels

The first 20 pages are some of the most gritty, oldhammer stuff I have ever read. It is brilliant. Full of tragedy, blood and bad puns. Oswald - hero of the empire, Genevieve - yes, the vampire vamp and a troupe of tragic personas venture out to set an end to Drachenfels reign. They make it. 
25 years later the survivors are reunited to witness Detlef’s Siercks theater spectacle of their adventures. This is where the book is at it’s olhammer height. They are't shiny heroes. No, in best Warhammer tradition they are down in the gutter. Drunk, dying of cancer and insane. This to me, is one of the cornerstones of WFRPG. You start in the gutter, you barely make it. Tragedy. 
Puns, wonderful puns. I am not sure but, I think Drachenfels is the first time Detlef Sierck - greatest playwright in the empire - enters the stage. His struggles with ‘theater folk’ are wonderful to read. It is so mundane. 

Drachenfels is one, of not the best written books from the golden GW age. I read most (all) of them. They are ok at best. Drachenfels stands out like a dark, glooming castle over the Reikwald. 

Oh, behold the ending!

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