Saturday, November 1, 2014

Oldhammer Warhammer Roleplay

So, you might wonder why oldhammer? Believe me, I actually wasn’t aware that there is such a thing as oldhammer, until I discovered Orlyggs fantastic blog. Apparently there is a whole scene out there focusing on the golden days of miniatures, battles and games. I won’t go into to much detail of what makes oldhammer, oldhammer. Others have done a pretty good job of that already. Go take a read Orlygg has done a fantastic job delving deep into the GW archives. I owe him, as he has been the inspiration for this blog. Anyhow, I couldn’t find any blog dedicated to oldhammer roleplay. Here it is.

For me there was only ever one true version of Warhammer roleplay (WFRG). Without knowing it, I probably always belonged into the oldhammer community. For me WFRPG was and will always be first edition. The golden days of Games Workshop. There was so much creativity, darkness and excellence. Pure genius. Much was still in development, not yet overshadowed by the tamed GW canon.

The heavy tome of WFRPG was pure anti establishment. It felt like an underground death metal band to me. Insane black and white drawings, the genius cover, heretic writings, and a voice straight from the grave! Oldhammer WFRPG Is the celebration of the anti-hero!

This blog is my humble attempt to delve into the all the dark corners that make and made WFRPG so special.

Thanks for joining!


  1. This game is, and always will be, my favorite. My blog isn't dedicated, but I stick to WFRP as much as possible.

    I can't wait to read everything here!