Monday, November 3, 2014


A cornerstone of WFRPG! The sewers. What other location embodies the spirit of WFRPG better than the toxic, claustrophobic, and deadly underground slowly pushing bodily fluids and body parts beneath the dwellings of mankind. What other RPG lets your hero wade through... shit? 
I love sewers. The trick is to make them truly count. Don't let them become a boring routine. The sewers are a horrible place. Make your heroes suffer!

Don't go for skaven. You players are just waiting for them. Or, give them a spin. So, what aces can we pull? 

A friendly, somehow embarrassed body parts snatcher. Preferably the cook of one of the recently visited inns. Yes, now that you mention it - the stew was somehow chewy. Well, veal is just too expensive. 

A friend, better lover. Embarrassed of her altered body. A quiet space, sharp knife and strong booze is sometimes all you need to get rid of your extra body parts. Hm, combine with above and you are golden. 

Mixup. Oh, good you are here. The others are waiting. The glorious revolution of the working class needs your support. Did you bring the pamphlets from Otto Kleinlichs printshop? Good. 

Warhammer City

Warhammer City has some nice ideas on how to deal with going underground. Take a look.

There is definitely more to come in a later post. What do you think? 

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