Saturday, November 8, 2014


Another race that perfectly embodies that Oldhammer feeling. Hobgoblins. Like the Fimir they didn’t make it far, but at least into Second Edition.

There wasn't a lot if background available. I don’t recall a lot/any encounters in any of the earlier material either. According to First they are relatives of the goblins. Larger and closer to humans though. Actually they were pretty bland at that point. Or, to say it differently - the world was still wide and open

I think they play a part in the later Enemy Within - which I am not allowed to consult at this point, though. My GM would probably kill me.  

In Second Edition they received a major overhaul. Hobgoblins became the Mongol like steppe warriors they are known for - sneaky, backstabbing, wolf riders. Even their green cousins hate them for their sneakiness. Their BS got a hefty bump to reflect their superior ranged warfare. I could be wrong, but I think their skin tone lost the leathery yellow-brown at that point as well. 

Could the image above have been the inspiration for their later background? It has definitely some oriental flavor to it. Is that an Ackland illustration? 

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