Friday, November 7, 2014


No other monster embodies Oldhammer more than the glorious Fimir. Hobgoblins run close, though. 

Why? Well, they disappeared. Fimir got erased from the background. Gone. No more one eyed lizardmen. They are proper old school. Why? Well they have a rather disturbing way of replicating, which made them a marketing disaster. Plus, due to a mixup they proved to be a WFB points vs value disaster as well. 
There is a fantastic write up of their origins and eventual extinction here

An interesting piece of GW history for sure. Here they are in all their fog covered glory! I love the idea of the varying tails. 

For an ugly monster they get a lot of sympathy out there. Lacking major GW support - probably a good thing at this point - hundreds of Fimir scholars helped them survive and thrive. They had some more recent guest appearances here and there. 

I never had the chance to put a proper Fimir into one of our games. One will have a guest appearance as a disected specimen soon, though.  

What do you think of the Fimir? 


  1. Fimir make an appearance in Dying of the Light and the Doomstones, IIRC. Both are fun for different reasons.

    1. Dying of the light has some great moments. Yes, you are right. I remember the Fimir.
      Haven't read all the Doomstone modules yet. Something to do for the long winter nights.

  2. I posted a byunch of links to Fimir info on my blog:

    1. Awesome, thanks! The terminally-incoherent article is an interesting read. Ah, good old times.