Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Balance and Fairness

Oldhammer WFRPG is not about fairness and balance. It is about the narrative. Do you really think the Old World is a forgiving place? I don't think so. It's part of the Oldhammer fun! 

I listen to a lot of RPG podcasts. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on balance and rules nowadays. Even more sadly most if it revolves around combat. Not sure why we got there. This weird obsession puts RPGs in the same corner as min-max ego shooters. The game is as good as the weapon bonuses you get. My personal nightmare. 

It's all about the oomph!

Why the emphasis on fairness? Are you playing against the GM, or with the GM? 

WFRPG first edition has the reputation of being unbalanced. Remember ‘Naked Dwarf'? Superhuman players. Toughness five, plus shield, amour and dodge blow. A tough kill. A fortress! Not balanced.

Though guys!

Anyhow, I don't think a good game is based on how close a GM can get his players to zero wounds. There is so much more to WFRPG! Insanity, horror and failure can be much worse than going below zero. Oldhammer is not a dungeon bash, that needs to be balanced and fair. You are not teaming up against the GM.

If the game becomes too balanced you are taking away from the excitement. There are and always will be things you can’t and shouldn’t fight. Combat is and should be dangerous. You might die. There are other options then fighting. It is up to the players and the GM to embrace and use it. Not every death has to be meaningful.

And the naked dwarf? He will loose his fate points... one way or another. One day. Eventually. 


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  2. Agreed! And that's why 1ed is way better than all others.